Reading Responses

RR8 Ch. 4 &5

In chapter 4, Kobré starts out with a quote saying “many editors argue that because viewers receive so much depressing news, they deserve a break when they look at pictures”. I really liked that he started the chapter off with this quote, because I really do agree with it. Most news channels only tell their viewers about bad news and they rarely ever report on positive things. I also enjoyed that Kobré included the section “Good Feature Subjects”, when thinking of what to shoot for a feature story, it can get confusing to know what exactly would make a good photo for one and this section clears up what good topics would be. Feature stories have always interested me because they are a break from the typical types of stories that you see in media.

In chapter 5, Kobré focuses on portrait photos. I always thought of portrait photos as just being candid shots , but they are much more than that. They are photos with a story behind them, most of the stories being odd and one that not many would suspect. I really enjoyed this chapter because of all the photos and cutlines that went along with them.

RR9 Ch. 15&16

When taking photos, ethics is always plays a big role in certain scenarios, but to me there has always been a lot of gray area as to what is right and wrong to photograph. I respect peoples privacy and when I see some photos I feel awkward looking at them. This is because I try and put myself in those peoples shoes and most of the time I would not want people photographing me like they have with those throughout the chapter. I really liked the “Golden Rule” section of this chapter because it describes how I feel about photos that can be hard to look at because of how emotional they are.

Chapter 16 focuses on laws in photojournalism, I found these two chapters went well together, obviously. But in some ways I find that they kind of are the same, yet there are laws for photographers, you mainly just need to be respectful. This chapter reminded me of when I had to film the PALS game at the college last year. There was a student who could not be photographed so we have to watch all of our film and make sure that the student was not in the film even if it was for a split second.

RR10 Ch. 11 

When I read this chapter, I just ran through the photos first, I was more interested in what the stories were than what Kobré had to say about Photo Stories. Out of all the chapters we have read, this is probably the deepest and the one that requires the most time and effort. The fact that some of the photographers spend months with some of these people just to get a story is amazing. It really showed me how powerful theses stories are and the fact that photographers can capture that with a camera blows me away. This was probably one of my favorite chapters because it left me amazed.    


Decorating Early

Decorating Early

Few families are as close as the Doublet trio. Julie, the mother, has raised her two kids, Jamie and Levi, all by herself. Jamie and Levi are only a year apart, with the former being the oldest. However, after living back at home for a few months, it’s time for Jamie to move to Yuma, AZ with her fiance, Andrew Bartek. A week before the big move, the family decorated the Christmas tree together one last time.

Jamie and Levi like two different types of lights: Jamie prefers white and Levi prefers colored. Every year they change the color of the lights and this year it was Levi’s turn to have colored. PHOTO/OLIVIA MORLEY


Just a small batch of the ornaments that will be used to decorate. PHOTO/OLIVIA MORLEY
Levi hangs the Santa Jack Skellington ornament, one of his favorites. PHOTO/OLIVIA MORLEY
Jamie shows Levi a rather mean ornament he got many years ago. It reads “Dear Santa, leave the presents, take my sister.” PHOTO/OLIVIA MORLEY
Jamie holds a little ballerina ornament, reminiscent of her own ballet days. PHOTO/OLIVIA MORLEY
Jamie holds up a little ornament she made when she was only six. It’s held up by a zip tie and reads “Best Mom” PHOTO/OLIVIA MORLEY
This ornament with the family’s names on it was a gift given by a family friend a few years ago. PHOTO/OLIVIA MORLEY

Photo Story

A Day In The Life

Shana Durrance has been a respiratory therapist for over twenty years, she has helped save many lives and has also assisted in bringing many lives into this world. The job she does is not one for those who have weak stomachs. She helps in the ER, assists doctors during deliveries and does about anything she is asked. In her free time, she teaches smoking cessation classes and helps those in her community to try and eliminate their smoking addiction. Shana loves her job and always tries her hardest to make her patients comfortable and happy.

Hospital 1
Respiratory therapist Shana Durrance clocks into work at Piedmont Hospital in Newnan, GA at six o’clock Friday morning. PHOTO/ MATTIE KEATON 
Before she begins her shift, Shana Durrance (left) receives a run-down from Eric Huston (right), a fellow respiratory therapist. The run-down entails the list of patients she will be taking care of during the day. PHOTO/ MATTIE KEATON  
Shana Durrance (left) gives Mrs.Williams (right), a patient she is taking care of for the day, one of her first breathing treatments that she will need for the day. PHOTO/ MATTIE KEATON  
While she has a break from her hectic work day, Shana Durrance stops by to show Dr. Ade an X-Ray of one of her patients who only has one lung. PHOTO/ MATTIE KEATON  
Shana Durrance prepares a Giraffe Isolette before going to help deliver the baby that would soon call the isolette home. The baby was premature and would need to be closely watched by doctors, this is why it would be in the isolette. PHOTO/ MATTIE KEATON  
Anna Wilson (left), a registered nurse and Shana Durrance (left) assess a premature baby that has been placed in an isolette in the NICU at Piedmont Hospital in Newnan, GA. This is by far Shana’s favorite part of her job.  PHOTO/ MATTIE KEATON 
IMG_5552 (1).jpg
After a twelve hour shift, Shana Durrance finally returns to her home in Fayetteville, GA to be greeted by her favorite dog Otis. PHOTO/ MATTIE KEATON  


Photo Story

On Wednesday night the Piedmont College Men’s basketball team took on Sewanee University in a battle in Tennessee. The road trip was over 4 hours long and there are lots of different behind the scenes factors that play a big role in preparation for a college basketball game.


Landry Assinessi sings in the locker room before watching film before tonight’s away  basketball game against Sewanee University.file-1.jpeg

The Piedmont Men’s basketball team is ready to depart for the away game tonight in Tennessee. Landry has conversations with teammates and shares few laughs.


Landry tries to keep himself occupied by looking at social media on his phone while sitting on the bus for over four hours before tonights basketball game.


Players socialize at the pre game meal at Panera Bread in Tennessee to lighten the mood before the game in Tennessee.


Landry gets on the bus one last time before arriving at Sewanee University for the Men’s basketball game tonight.


Players arrive at the gym before the game tonight. Taylor Mills is wearing the full basketball jump suit because of the cold weather outside.


Landry listens to music to get pumped up before the game tonight as he prepares to get ready for a tough battle against the tigers of Sewanee.


Long faces for the lions as they fall short to the Tigers of Sewanee in the second half. The lions are disappointed after not playing to the best of their ability on the offensive end.


Landry ponders. on what went wrong tonight for the lions and how he could have played better to get a different result in the loss to Sewanee on Wednesday night.

A Day of Work

Piedmont College’s Financial Aid Advisor, Michelle Reed, was a student worker all four years here at Piedmont. The following year after she graduated, she was a Graduate assistant and a month later she became a employee as an adviser.  Her favorite part of her job is being able to help students, connecting with people on tours and seeing students come in as freshman and graduate.

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
As one semester ends, another begins. Reed works on awarding transfer students who are looking to attend Piedmont. PHOTO / ALYSSA EMMETT
Reed met her husband, TJ, as a freshman at Piedmont. It wasn’t until their senior year that they began dating. On August 31, 2013, they got married and above they pose with Reed’s parents. PHOTO / ALYSSA EMMETT
After being in labor for 18-hours, Senior Financial Aid Advisor Cathy Nix is on maternity leave until Jan. 1 of next year.  Nix responsibilities will be divided between the staff mainly directed towards the Associate Director of Financial Aid, Jody Anderson. PHOTO / ALYSSA EMMETT
Junior Olivia Sayer has been a student worker for financial aid since she transferred to Piedmont College in the fall of 2017.  PHOTO / ALYSSA EMMETT
Sayer explains the dilemma of the annoyed caller to Reed and the other adviser, Sarah Cochran.  PHOTO / ALYSSA EMMETT
During her lunch break, Reed enjoys watching Friends for the third time.  PHOTO / ALYSSA EMMETT
Graduate Assistant Tristan Bailey was a student worker for three years and now will be working as a GA position until she graduates in December 2018. With two jobs, 4 classes and a boyfriend, Bailey is stretched thin. However, she would not trade her opportunity as a GA for anything. PHOTO / ALYSSA EMMETT
After lunch, Reed is back on the computer until closing at five p.m. Reed said one of the hardest thing about the job is when she has to tell a student no, financial aid cannot help them when they really need it. PHOTO / ALYSSA EMMETT




Daughters of The King

This event was called “The Daughter of the King” at my church for the young girls. We encouraged them, had snacks, and fun games. We had our Worship and event lead by Chloe Paige our head leader. All of the girls were so happy throughout the entire event it made all of our hearts smile. This by far has been one of my favorite events to ever capture. Making young women feel good about themselves is everything. 
This is what this event was all about. “I am the Daughter of the King.” PHOTO/ DURDEN SMITH
Chloe Paige (left) posing with one of our youth girls. PHOTO/ DURDEN SMITH
All of our ladies enjoying some refreshments. All made by the youth staff. PHOTO/ DURDEN SMITH
One of our youth kids showing off her crown she got from the event. The girls all got little presents to remind them how special they are. PHOTO/ DURDEN SMITH
Chole Paige worshipping our King. She sang her heart out and brought people to tears. PHOTO/ DURDEN SMITH
Candle light girl talks, good food, and worshipping. There isn’t anything better. PHOTO/ DURDEN SMITH
Chloe Paige reminding our girls how special they are. Such a beautiful human being. PHOTO/ DURDEN SMITH
All of our beautiful young ladies posed with their flowers they got from the event. PHOTO/ DURDEN SMITH

The Unglamorous Life of Resident Assistants

At colleges across the nation, select students are tasked with creating community, maintaining safety and establishing peace for residents who live in on-campus housing. At Piedmont College, these students are called Resident Assistants, or RAs. Their official duties range from walking nightly rounds to hosting monthly events, but their jobs truly run 24/7, as they constantly have to be on alert and ready to help anyone in need. While the job comes with its benefits, it can become incredibly taxing, especially when paired with a heavy load of classwork, extracurricular activities and additional jobs.

Kanler Cumbass (second from left) watches over his last event of the semester, a service project aimed at showing appreciation for Piedmont faculty and staff. Cumbass is an RA in Purcell Hall and has been struggling to bring in attendees to his events. In the first ten minutes of this event, only a few people have shown up to participate. PHOTO / BEN THORNBURGH
2 - Lizbeth 2
Lizbeth Aguilera is one of Piedmont’s newest RAs, filling a position that was left vacant by a student who quit the job. Off to a late start in the semester, Aguilera is working to catch up to her fellow RAs by creating door decorations for her residents. PHOTO / BEN THORNBURGH
3 - Gabe 2
Gabe Gutierrez (center) hosts his fourth event of the year, “Let’s Make a Deal.” Set to graduate in May of 2018, this is Gutierrez’s third and final year as an RA in Purcell Hall. PHOTO / BEN THORNBURGH
4 - Kanler
Kanler Cumbass writes encouraging messages to Piedmont faculty and staff at one of his RA events. In addition to being an RA in Purcell Hall, Cumbass is also the President of the Student Government Council. PHOTO / BEN THORNBURGH
5 - Lizbeth
On weekends, Piedmont RAs remain on duty until 2 a.m. Nearing the end of her first duty night of the weekend, Lizbeth Aguilera bundles up and watches Netflix on her phone. PHOTO / BEN THORNBURGH
6 - Gabe
Every month, RAs are tasked with choosing a new theme for the bulletin board in their hall. After having his display ripped down by residents twice, Gabe Gutierrez adds a pleading sign to his bulletin board. PHOTO / BEN THORNBURGH
7 - Toni
Toni Atoa has been an RA for two years, but struggles to balance the workload with his classwork and acting ventures in Piedmont’s theater program. To alleviate the stress, he visits the local park every night to smoke a cigarette. PHOTO / BEN THORNBURGH
8 - Cordell
In addition to working as an RA, Cordell Jones also works at the local CVS pharmacy and as a paramedic for the Habersham County Medical Center. Because he’s constantly moving from one job to another, he doesn’t find much time to spend with friends. PHOTO / BEN THORNBURGH